Kendall Alaimo has spoken both domestically and internationally in her mission to educate, support and provide hope to populations affected by the fall out of all types of trauma through her Trauma Talk. This talk explores trauma across the life span, dissects common roadblocks to the way we are applying current treatment modalities and provides clinical solutions to complex trauma care. She illustrates how pediatric trauma affects neurodevelopment and explores the science behind the brain's response to traumatic lived experience. Kendall dissects and exposes the unique symptomotoly of complex trauma which often results in a large number of misdiagnoses and suicides globally. Kendall believes we have the tools for trauma repair but that we need to reconceptualize their application in order to aid in building thriving lives for individuals and communities affected by trauma.



Let's Keep Talking...

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This Talk includes:

  • Global Statistics

  • Forms of Child Sexual Abuse

  • Perpetrator & Grooming Behavior

  • Identifying Clinical Signs

  • Effective Terminology to use for Successful Disclosure

  • How to Properly Report CSA

  • Long Term Mental and Physical Health Consequences Survivors Face Across a Life Span (ACE Study)

  • How to Make a Prevention Plan

  • Most Effective Treatment Modalities and Application for the Adult Survivor Population

  • Kendall's Story

  • Q&A


Child Sexual Abuse Prevention &  Treatment Talk

As a survivor herself, Kendall has an intimate understanding of child sexual abuse. As a small child Kendall was told to keep a secret and today she speaks on behalf of voiceless children and adult survivors that have not yet found their voice. How common is child sexual abuse? Statistically, 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys are sexually abused by the age of 18. When we are trained in prevention we can recognise the signs of CSA and provide early pediatric trauma intervention. When children do not get this intervention as adults this population often battles a life time of PTSD and  comorbid addiction, eating disorders, self injury and depression. Kendall provides real life clinical examples by sharing both her pediatric and adult treatment records and presents her life story as a clinical case study and what child sexual abuse looks like over a life span. This talk highlights clinical signs that often go unnoticed,unreported or misdiagnosed. She provides attendees effective terminology to use with children that is the catalyst for opening up a safe space for increased to disclosure by abused children which aids in immediate trauma informed intervention. She helps mandated reporters nagivate steps to reporting child sexual abuse through a sometimes complicated system. Kendall also illustrates the common clinical signs and symptoms of PTSD in adult survivors and how to apply current therapeutic modalities in a way that is most effective for this survivor population. Additionally, Kendall is also trained in prevention with the national Darkness to Light Stewards of Children program.


"Labels are limiting. Let's start talking about treating lived human experience."
- Kendall Alaimo


Suicide Prevention Talk

Join Kendall in her suicide talk to learn more about how we can prevent the 800,000 completed suicides we are seeing around the world globally each year. When we can recognize and treat the trauma, talk openly and responsibly about suicide, and build community that is witnesses the suffering of others we can prevent these acts. Kendall believes, “We can not exist if we don’t belong and if we don’t belong we can not exist.” She believes when people are courageous witnesses to the lived experiences of trauma survivors it allows them to continue to exist. This training goes over how to recognise signs of suicidal thinking and behavior, how to start the conversation, how to respond with compassion,provide suffers needed intervention, how to talk responsibly about suicide, what recovery looks like and new medical modalites that are saving lives.

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This Talk Includes:

  • Suicide Statistics

  • Traumas Role in the Development of SI

  • Warning Signs / Clinical Signs

  • Talking as Part of Prevention

  • How to Start the Conversation

  • How to Respond Effectively

  • What Recovery Means?

  • How We Can Innovate Care

  • Life Saving New Treatments

  • Q&A with Kendall



The Art of Survivorship

Kendall's Story of Trauma, Recovery and Survivorship....

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(Kendall travels from Chicago, IL USA)


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