Red Seats


As an Artist and Anti-Human Trafficking Activist, Kendall Alaimo is taking a stand to fight for freedom with her iconic red seats. To Kendall continuing to send these red seats around the world is performative and gifting them to institutions and individuals encourages valuable dialog on these very human rights violations. They do not merely represent seats in classrooms, seats at corporations for survivors to obtain career paths to aid in societal reintegration, opportunity, economic equity, sustained freedom, a way home, a voice, a seat at the table in regards to development of policy that drives prevention but are symbolic of the anti-trafficking movement overall.

These seats symbolize the fundamental human right of freedom that every human being is entitled to at birth and a symbol of our collective commitment to ensuring these very freedoms. 


Click below to watch Kendall’s CNN segment:


Educate to Liberate


Education is key to liberating trafficking survivors from their past.

For that reason, Kendall Alaimo is has campaigned for survivors of human trafficking to gain full circle support to able them to attend higher education. 




Below is a sample of Kendall’s Red Seats on display at universities across the world: